About Us

Silisse Corporation is a phytoactive natural skincare company using advanced skincare technologies from Switzerland with a special mission to combat skin aging.  Through the use of new functional assets (active ingredients) of botanical components leading to anti-aging mechanism of actions, we offer great benefits to those who truly care about their skin while enjoying our next-generation youth restoring formulas. We bring the best of its kind in the skincare industry with a science-proven natural restoration process to make a significant difference resulting in silky fresh, healthy and glowing skin.  At Silisse, continuous innovations through collaborative research and development are the fundamental pillars of our company.


In response to the needs on the market, Silisse was founded here in California, USA to chose to work with a selection of worldwide natural products and extracts of high added value for true natural skincare product lines with a focus in anti-aging and skin sensitivity solutions while respecting the skin's innate characteristics and safely penetrating the skin.


We are applying  technologically advanced topical formulations with ultra bio-absorption technologies to raise and maintain the level of our bioactive compounds of proven skin therapeutic efficacy via an effective, integrated vesicular system that promotes flexibility, elasticity, enhanced penetration, and exceptional efficacy.


Our research aims at offering an alternative to conventional cosmeceuticals. This is why all our products from our Dermologix™ technology integration platform consists of 100% natural standardized ingredients with therapeutic effects, proven through scientific data.


All our products are submitted to rigorous quality controls at all stages of their development, ensuring traceability of our extracts. Quality is key to their effectiveness. It has been proven that the extraction methods used in the preparation of different products determines the concentration of bioactive components.