Featured Technology

We have developed Dermologix™ platform which is an integrated dermal delivery technology platform that encapsulates  3 important cosmetic advantages:

     Phytoactives  +  Water Dispersion  +  Skin Absorption  =  Improved Penetration

Our Dermologix™ platform utilizes several technologies that perfectly balances the science and nature to resolve those industry challenges with amphiphilic molecules and aqueous cavity that can incorporate large molecules as natural active compounds.  Below is the core featured technology we use:

NioSkin™ Technology

NioSkin™ represents a high technology evolution of classical liposomes to make the delivery system better tolerate and to improve cosmetic properties.

An Improved  Delivery System

NioSkin™ can be easily added to water-rich formulations, regardless of botanical core polarity due to its non-ionic character of niosomes, combined with the uniform size and the eudermic components, leading to the high affinity with human skin and the good permeabiity, beyond the high water affinity.

Driving Effective Botanicals into the Skin

NioSkin monomers are flexible single-chained polyglycerol esters, combined with glycerin and other natural component to obtain flexible structure that can encapsulate a wide range of botanicals.

The Advantages of  NioSkin™ 

NioSkin™ has been tested in different formulations and performed well with regard to emulsionabiity, color masking and stability.  NioSkin™ portfolio includes:

Dark Circle Under Eye
Skin Restoration                   
Skin Irritation