Skin Benefits of Bilberry

Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus

Bilberries are known to be a ‘super’ natural ingredient, because they bring so many benefits. Because of all of these properties, bilberry extract makes a great ingredient for a number of skincare and beauty products. But what bilberry extracts does best is face masks. A good face mask will release the benefits of the bilberry extract to your skin to keep it healthy, refreshed and clean.


Healthy Blood Circulation

Bilberries can help facilitate healthy blood circulation by helping blood pass through our capillaries. This has a number of benefits. Blood removes bad things we really don’t want in our bodies, like waste or bacteria. Blood also supplies oxygen through hemoglobin, which keeps our skin cells alive, refreshed and able to breathe. Finally blood carries water which is very helpful for keeping the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will feel more smooth and clear.

Useful Antioxidant Properties

Anything that has antioxidant properties usually contributes towards the efforts of preventing and fighting infection. Products that contain antioxidants are great for keeping the skin clean and reducing the breakout of spots.

Some research suggests that antioxidants are helpful to combat the signs of aging in the skin, too.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Bilberries contain anti-inflammatory properties that are good for keeping down swelling. If our face is feeling a bit red, or perhaps if our skin is reacting to our stress, products with bilberry extract can help reduce the symptoms.