Technology Applications

Silisse™ is a natural skincare product leader providing effective, high concentrated natural bioactives for innovative skincare.  We apply innovative solutions for dermal delivery using this basic Principle of Effectiveness:

                  Flexibility + Elasticity = Efficacy

We innovate an integrated system which perfectly balances the science and nature. Our products are well performed in emulsionability, color masking and stability.


Silisse™ constantly anticipates market trends and demands within the cosmeceutical field in which science and innovation are paramount in the forever quest to discover phytocomplex technologies. We identify absorbent phytoactive formula to work in synergy with natural extracts. These certified extracts are monitored and tracked with strict company protocols stating from fields to sales distributions.  The technologies we are using can enable a high level of natural bioactives to penetrate the stratum corneum to deliver tangible and excellent skincare benefits.


Our customers are well informed about each of our product as the growing demand of natural and eco-conscious skincare products has led worldwide growth of the cosmeceutical industry thanks to decades of experience with botanical ingredients where we leverage  scientific knowledge to meet new market demands.


Silisse was developed with joint effort and collaboration with phytoscience laboratories around the world to create an integrated vesicular system providing the finest quality of natural active ingredients from our unique and extensive experience.


Many delivery systems for natural  active ingredients have been developed over the past 30 years but none has offered a variety of deliveries. We are using ultra-flexible niosomes that can encapsulate phytoactives and has been proven highly effective in topical delivery. With ultra deformable vesicles created, molecular structure can influence the type of colloidal aggregate and physical-chemical characteristics such as size, charge, lamelarity and bilayer elasticity. 

As the skin continues creating a healthier skin barrier against harmful microorganisms and irritants, it is difficult for any topical applied natural active ingredients to penetrate the skin. The technology solutions we apply make the natural ingredients highly effective as they need to reach the living cells in the deep layers of the skin.  In summary, our products have distinguished advantages in ample versatility, enhanced penetration and efficacy.  That is the secret of our success.